Me, Myself, and I Meme Challenge Accepted

I was challenged ( in a sense) by the wonderful Ai Venus Clarrington of Detached Enigma Blog (FB) to do the Me, Myself and I Meme. The meme was created by Strawberry Singh. So this is my Meme for you guys it has taken me a while to get around to it due to having so much on my plate, but I hope you guys enjoy it. If you wish to par-take in the Meme if you haven’t follow the link here: Me, Myself, and I Meme


I am… outgoing and strong
I want… safety and security
I have… goals and dreams
I wish… for creative freedom and inspiration
I hate… lack of motivation and concern
I fear… the unknown
I search… for knowledge
I wonder… about bigger possibilities
I regret… not seeking more of myself and limiting to what is
I never… hold back my feelings
I always… forget something important, then get flustered
I usually… am outspoken and loud
I dance… like no one is watching in a crowed
I sing… with a soft spoken voice
I often… wonder why people act the way they do
I sometimes… wish I had a better delt hand at life
I cry… for memorable things long since past
I need… freedom and redemption
I should… forgive, let go, move on
I love… freshly fallen rain in the spring and summer


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